breakfast at Tiffany’s, anyone?

In the era of vampire fantasy films and rather dull romantic comedies there is a need for some New York elegance from the 60s and what would be a better choice than an endless classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

This delightful story is featuring charming Audrey Hepburn as Holy Golightly, a young free spirited girl, living in New York. One day, her new neighbour and an unsuccessful writer Paul Varjak rings on her doorbell in order to get to the building. She lets him in and after a brief conversation they quickly find a common ground while talking about their unsettled lives and a sense of fear they used to have.

Holy calls herself “a wild thing” – she is paid for spending time with rich men, in her free time she organizes loud parties in her flat and her cat doesn’t even have a name because that would be a great commitment for her. In spite of these circumstances and the fact that Paul has an older mistress who frequently visits him, he finds himself falling in love with Holy.

After Paul finds out that Holy is married and she attempts to run away and marry a rich man she doesn’t love, he is still ready to confess his feeling to her. At first Holy wants to preserve her independence but then she realizes she belongs to Paul and her cat.

At the first sight Breakfast at Tiffany’s might seem like every other love story with a happy end. What does it make so worth it then? I believe it is the iconic performance of Audrey Hepburn mixed with the sophistication of the New York City and the magical sound of Moon River sang by the main protagonist. In the end, one just can’t resist having some breakfast at Tiffany’s.




(I wrote this review for a university questionnaire, since I was asked to review a film I saw recently. It is also one of my all time favourite films that I probably never get tired of.:)

the awakening



Bare trees swaying in the January wind
Snowflakes just like on the race to win
Possibilities of the impossible
Seem like infinity times zero

Time machine got broken years ago
Too many people wanted to hang on
There’s only one chance to get it right
Things do not repeat twice

Pointless is crying over the past
Life is changing all the time
Good things turn into bad
Everybody gets repaid

Embrace the change in every season
Dance in the rain, underneath the rainbow
See the beauty of the morning dawn
Let those tears make you strong

The silhouette slowly dims to shadow
Dreams are the only way to follow
There is no better beginning
Than the state of awakening

26th January 2014

here comes the spring

It’s finally spring and other than a sunny, warm weather, it also brings something new along. I’m not talking about anything in particular, but I feel like this is the best time for some new books, brighter colours and more challenging projects. With every new season, there are always some things we need to leave behind. Yesterday is the past, although sometimes we might not want to admit it to ourselves. But I am actually ready and excited to live for this moment and never look back again.

Here are some pictures of the things that were a part of this month.














About  six weeks ago, I had my first working day at a restaurant/cafe/bar place. I was told that they wanted me to work from time to time and then full-time in the summer. Since I had never worked anywhere before, I didn’t know I had be dressed all in black. I survived that day in my jeans and a stripped black and white top, but I was planning to buy a plain black top before I would go there again. Just when I had a black H&M top in my handbag, the lady I was working with on my first day texted me that somebody else had got the job instead of me. To be honest,  I didn’t care that much about not getting that particular job, although I needed some job to earn money. However, this is not the main point of why I am writing this!

I knew that in H&M shops you can return any item within 30 days if it still has its price tag on. The top wasn’t expensive, but I decided to exchange it for something else anyway. When I was on my way to H&M, I thought about how glad I was, I hadn’t torn off the tag. I could still return it along with the idea of getting the job because I wasn’t attached to it yet.

Then I realised that it wasn’t only about clothes. There were things in my life that I had already torn off the tag from in hopes of gaining some control over them or even owning them completely. I was attached to them so much that losing them only caused me pain and disappointment. The more I had clung to them, the harder it was to let go since I never expected it would happen. At that point, the only thing one can do is to take sometime to mend those broken pieces of expectations and restore them on a different (hopefully firmer) foundations. After all, this is what life is so often about and it’s almost impossible to go through life without ever tearing off a tag.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


i felt the earth beneath my feet…

Today I went to a botanic garden to take some pictures. I was planning to go there for so long, but it was always very cold outside. Only this week it’s finally started to feel like spring. The visit was nice, although there was something missing. I could hear a loud noise from a building reconstruction nearby, workers in the garden were watering the plants and in the beginning some setting on my camera were wrong. It just wasn’t what I’d expected it to be. And maybe my life is a little bit like that as well. Weather is quickly changing and there’s no solid ground or something to hold on to. I’m no longer who I used to be, but I’m not who I want to be either. And the reason why I feel stuck somewhere in the middle is that sometimes the journey takes too long. But in spite of unfortunate circumstances, detours and mistakes, I believe it leads to the right thing.

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken. Hope you get to enjoy some warm days too! :)









Mysterious place somewhere on the hill
Bench in the park, in the midst of many
Memories no one can erase or kill
Her only refuge – running to the safety!

Now all these have vanished into emptiness
Everything beautiful has died in a moment
Not sure which path leads out of the darkness
Leaving this mess behind, running far away?

Walk around those ancient streets
Is it home or just a pile of bricks?
Love and hate – a collection of myths
Betrayed by faith that gave her wings

If home is where her heart is
Then she has a long way home
Will she ever find it?
Next to his trophies or carved on the stone

There’s nothing that will make her stay
Give her shivers, let her breathe
Only a hopeful wish for the day
When she finds home and her tears disappear

20th January 2014